About JHPR

JHPR is sponsored and organized by the following organizations:

  1. Chongqing Association of Health Promotion and Education
  2. Education University-Town Hospital, Chongqing Medical University,
  3. Biological Engineering College at Chongqing University
  4. Key Laboratory of Biorheology Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, China

Published quarterly by International Health Group. it is double-blind peer-reviewed published quarterly, scholarly publication. It aims to be an internationally leading journal that advances education and impacts the specialty of health promotion and rehabilitation through the timely delivery of clinically relevant and evidence-based research and review information. Contributions from all parts of the world and from all types of professions in rehabilitation are therefore encouraged.

Topics covered include disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, involving preventive medicine, clinical medicine, rehabilitation medicine, psychology, pedagogy, sociology, and other related disciplines

JHPR emphasizes on principles of health promotion and rehabilitation and is designed to be relevant to practitioners and researchers in a variety of medical and surgical specialties and rehabilitation disciplines including allied health.